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October 27, 2011

How do Children Use and Abuse Inhalants?

Our children are breathing these inhalants through the nose or mouth.  They sniff or they snort fumes from a container, they place inhalant soaked rags in the mouth or they just spray the aerosol directly into their nose or mouth.  The get intoxicated from these fumes.  This “high” that they get only last a few minutes so they invent ways to keep the fumes with them for a longer period of time so they can repeat the inhaling.  What does this do to them?  It affects their coordination.  They get slurred speech and dizziness.  They have hallucinations and they are not in control because they feel less inhibited.  Some of these chemicals will make them nauseated, vomit and /or stay in a state of confusion.  Some of their cells in their body can be damaged.  Repeated use of these inhalants can cause them to lose the ability to learn and have a hard time carrying on a conversation.  There are times when a person may inhale highly concentrated amounts of the chemicals and induce heart failure and this can lead to death.  Some of the side effects can be irreversible like damage to their hearing, central nervous system, brain damage or bone marrow damage.

As you can see these can be very dangerous and the fact that our children know about this long before we do is very alarming to most parents.  So the best way to handle this is to get educated.  Find out what your children know about these things.  Find out if their friends are doing this sort of thing.  Find out if the schools have a program to educate them as to what inhalants are.  Drug abuse is getting to be more and more of a problem in this country.  The only way we can make a difference is to be in the know about what is really going on.  Let’s not keep our blinders on and pretend that this onslaught is not happening in our neighborhood.

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October 13, 2011

Inhalants: Let’s get the facts

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As a parent you should know the definition of Inhalant.  The one that really applies here to this situation.  Inhalants -  It is a volatile substance that has chemical vapors that can be inhaled and produce mind altering effects.  Did you know that your children may be using the Inhalants?  There are many products in your home that contain substances that can be inhaled to get “high”.  Some of these are spray paints, glues and cleaning fluids.  As parents we do not think of these as drugs because that is not what we bought them for.  It seems our younger generation has learned the intoxicating effects of these substances and so they look for them in our cabinets.  Let’s get some more information here.

Products that are considered to be Inhalants:

Paint thinners or paint removers, dry cleaning fluids, lighter fluids or gasoline are some of the solvents in the homes that would be considered as inhalants.  In our office we have correction fluids, felt tip marker fluid or glue.  Have any aerosol sprays around?  Hair or deodorant spray, computer cleaning products or vegetable oil sprays.

Gases for butane lighters and propane tanks or refrigerant gases.  Nitrates, like video head cleaner, room odorizer, leather cleaner or liquid aroma.  And we thought our kids just wanted to smell better.

It is a surprise to this parent what can be considered an inhalant.

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