Inhalants Abuse

November 29, 2011


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Now that I am opening my eyes to what is going on around the word I thought I would find out what people are doing with drugs.

Being a teenager in the late 50’s I actually did miss the hippy generation.  I do believe I escaped the flower generation.  So I looked on the internet to find out what is out there.

A huge eye opener for me was the fact that people mostly young adults are using inhalants to get high.  That my dear friends was news to me.

First of all I had to find out where they got these from and I found that people inhale the chemical vapors directly from open containers or they breath the fumes from rags soaked in chemicals to get their high.

There are more than 1000 household and other common products that could be abused as inhalants.

The ones that are most often used are shoe polish, glue, toluene, gasoline, lighter fluid, nitrous oxide or spray pain, correction fluid, locker room deodorizers and lacquer thinner or other paint solvents.  What a surprise to this old timer.  Are people really that hard up to get high.  What is wrong with actually confronting their everyday life?  I looked some more and I found that a mother had to call 911 after she witnessed her 26 year old son inhale from an aerosol duster in her driveway then he had a seizure.  The police were called in and he was charged with intentionally abusing a hazardous substance.  You know if he is convicted he could go to prison for nine months and $10,000 fines.  That mother must have been mortified.  I kept looking and found that there is actually a rise in inhalant related deaths.  The Times-Standard in California reported that a 21 year old driver and his passenger were killed in a crash.  They found at least 18 (empty) nitrous oxide canisters and a personalized whipped-cream dispenser at the scene of the truck accident.  What makes these people think they can drive while under the influence?  I also found out that these inhalants act directly on the nervous system to produce mind-altering effects.  Within seconds the user experiences intoxication and other effects similar to those from alcohol.  For sure people who are high on inhalants get an inability to coordinate movement and they get hallucinations and delusions.  On my trek to discover what people were doing with inhalants I also found several other hard core stories of being arrested and some even causing others deaths all because the were using inhalants.  Some were arrested for stealing 42 cans of computer duster.  So this has become a very serious problem in this country.  The way I can end this story is to say I didn’t know the half of it and I will bet you there are parents out there that do not have an idea also.  We need some educating.

Inhalants are causing major problems.  If you know someone who needs help, call our long term drug rehab now at 1-877-340-3602.


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