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May 25, 2012

Fort Pierce, Florida Drug Abuse Info

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Fort Pierce, Florida has a population of 41,590 and a crime index of 3 – 100 being the safest.  If you lived in Florida you would have a 1 in 184 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime and if you lived in Fort Pierce, Florida you would have a 1 in 85 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.  The FBI collects information from 17,000 local law enforcements agencies and that is where they get the figures for these statements.  Just recently Fort Pierce has had 9 murders, 27 rapes, 142 robberies and 306 assaults.  For every one thousand resident there are 69 of them that will be a victim.  Fort Pierce has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes.  According to Fort Pierce is number 57 in the top 100 most dangerous cities to live in. reported April 27, 2012 that one of Fort Pierce’s favorite actors 22 year old Matthew Underwood was arrested on drug charges.  Underwood is known for his role as Logan Reese on the Nickelodeon TV show “Zoey 101”.  This 22 year old had a search warrant executed on his at a residence and what was found was marijuana as well as numerous smoking devices that were in the kitchen and in the garage.  The 22 year old was with a 24 year old who was charged also.  This young man does play a role on TV that is viewed by many youngsters.  There are many that will probably get wind of the fact that he was charged on possession of drugs.  He must know that there are many that look up to him a so his behavior is very destructive as it does give others that it is ok to do this kind of thing. Who knows how many youths this could land in drug treatment –from rehabs in Florida to rehabs in Louisiana to ones all across the country.

In another story released by Fort Pierce Police arrested a teacher, who teaches at a Palm Beach Gardens middle school, while she was trying to get her keys out of her locked car and a bag of cocaine fell out of her pocket.  She searched for her keys and then a clear plastic bag containing cocaine fell out of her pocket onto the ground and then they searched her truck and found another bag of drugs.  Her keys were in the truck.  After this incident the teacher was temporarily reassigned and she was not allowed any contact with students. It’s hard to believe that these are the role models that kids have to look up to; no wonder the Kissimmee drug rehabs are kept so busy.

These are the kinds of things happening at Fort Pierce, Florida.  It seems that drugs are all over the young people of this state.  Drugs are very harmful and when our youth see that the grownups are doing the drugs they get the message that it is OK to do that.  .  If you know someone who wants to get off drugs get them to an inpatient treatment center or one of the inhalant abuse rehabs where they can get safe and natural ways to detox and withdraw.  Something can be done about it.

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