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January 23, 2013

Drugs all over the world

Here in the USA we have many problems with drugs and the abuse of them. But what about in other countries? Are they having similar problems? The answer to that is a resounding yes…
Just recently the government of Rwanda put into place strict measures of fighting drug abuse and illegal liquor and this is what the residents did with that. They crossed over to neighboring countries to get what drugs and alcohol they wanted and then they came back home. People who want and need drugs can be quiet smart sometimes. All of this information was given out during the meeting that was held in Muhanga district and it was chaired by Speciose Mukagahima from the Ministry of Youth and ICT. Mr. Mukagahima says, “Residents cross over to use drugs and come back because they can’t risk bringing them to Rwanda.”
There has definitely been a turn up of anti-drug and illegal alcohol measures and so the residents are being resourceful and getting what they want and need. They are crossing borders and this is reported to be happening at Rwanda-Uganda borders where there are no definite demarcations like rivers allowing residents to cross and make it back. Some forms of these drugs can include inhalants.
The most reported is Gatuna border where Ugandans set up brewery factories and confirm the biggest clientele are Rwandans. So where does all the blame for this lie? It seems it is being blamed on the fact that these residents listen to radios of neighboring countries instead of listening to Rwanda radio and follow government programs.
Well there you have it some problems with drugs across the planet. It seems like the use and abuse of drugs are existent it other areas as well as the USA. It believe it is up to each and every one of use to be responsible and don’t do drugs.

If you or someone you know has a drug abuse problem, contact us.

November 29, 2011


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Now that I am opening my eyes to what is going on around the word I thought I would find out what people are doing with drugs.

Being a teenager in the late 50’s I actually did miss the hippy generation.  I do believe I escaped the flower generation.  So I looked on the internet to find out what is out there.

A huge eye opener for me was the fact that people mostly young adults are using inhalants to get high.  That my dear friends was news to me.

First of all I had to find out where they got these from and I found that people inhale the chemical vapors directly from open containers or they breath the fumes from rags soaked in chemicals to get their high.

There are more than 1000 household and other common products that could be abused as inhalants.

The ones that are most often used are shoe polish, glue, toluene, gasoline, lighter fluid, nitrous oxide or spray pain, correction fluid, locker room deodorizers and lacquer thinner or other paint solvents.  What a surprise to this old timer.  Are people really that hard up to get high.  What is wrong with actually confronting their everyday life?  I looked some more and I found that a mother had to call 911 after she witnessed her 26 year old son inhale from an aerosol duster in her driveway then he had a seizure.  The police were called in and he was charged with intentionally abusing a hazardous substance.  You know if he is convicted he could go to prison for nine months and $10,000 fines.  That mother must have been mortified.  I kept looking and found that there is actually a rise in inhalant related deaths.  The Times-Standard in California reported that a 21 year old driver and his passenger were killed in a crash.  They found at least 18 (empty) nitrous oxide canisters and a personalized whipped-cream dispenser at the scene of the truck accident.  What makes these people think they can drive while under the influence?  I also found out that these inhalants act directly on the nervous system to produce mind-altering effects.  Within seconds the user experiences intoxication and other effects similar to those from alcohol.  For sure people who are high on inhalants get an inability to coordinate movement and they get hallucinations and delusions.  On my trek to discover what people were doing with inhalants I also found several other hard core stories of being arrested and some even causing others deaths all because the were using inhalants.  Some were arrested for stealing 42 cans of computer duster.  So this has become a very serious problem in this country.  The way I can end this story is to say I didn’t know the half of it and I will bet you there are parents out there that do not have an idea also.  We need some educating.

Inhalants are causing major problems.  If you know someone who needs help, call our long term drug rehab now at 1-877-340-3602.


October 13, 2011

Inhalants: Let’s get the facts

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As a parent you should know the definition of Inhalant.  The one that really applies here to this situation.  Inhalants -  It is a volatile substance that has chemical vapors that can be inhaled and produce mind altering effects.  Did you know that your children may be using the Inhalants?  There are many products in your home that contain substances that can be inhaled to get “high”.  Some of these are spray paints, glues and cleaning fluids.  As parents we do not think of these as drugs because that is not what we bought them for.  It seems our younger generation has learned the intoxicating effects of these substances and so they look for them in our cabinets.  Let’s get some more information here.

Products that are considered to be Inhalants:

Paint thinners or paint removers, dry cleaning fluids, lighter fluids or gasoline are some of the solvents in the homes that would be considered as inhalants.  In our office we have correction fluids, felt tip marker fluid or glue.  Have any aerosol sprays around?  Hair or deodorant spray, computer cleaning products or vegetable oil sprays.

Gases for butane lighters and propane tanks or refrigerant gases.  Nitrates, like video head cleaner, room odorizer, leather cleaner or liquid aroma.  And we thought our kids just wanted to smell better.

It is a surprise to this parent what can be considered an inhalant.

Learn more about what you can do to stop drug abuse.

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September 11, 2011

How do Inhalants Affect the Body?

If you are a user of Inhalants or if you suspect your child is a user of the Inhalers then you need to know what the affects are to the body.

Inhalant use can cause damage to the heart, Kidneys, brain, liver, bone marrow and other organs.  What you say!  It doesn’t just make them stupid?  No Much more.

Inhalants starve the body of oxygen and force the heart to beat irregularly and more rapidly.  So if your teenager complains “my heart is rushing” investigate his life ask a few questions.  They maybe tell you their friends are doing it, and that is a clue.

Inhalants users can get nauseated and they can have nosebleeds and their sense of hearing is lost to a degree or maybe they can’t smell so good.  So if your teenager acts like he doesn’t hear you.  It may not be selective hearing it may be he is inhaling.  Investigate his life.  Just ask a few loving questions.  We don’t need to make them wrong just want to know what is going on in their lives.

Users of inhalants sometimes use them for a long time so it can lead to muscle wasting and reduced muscle tone.  The poisonous chemicals gradually damage the lungs and the immune system.  So if your child is more sick than usual investigate their lives.  Ask loving questions about how they are doing and what they are doing in their lives.  An education is your first step to helping your children.

The facts about inhalants are that you can’t afford to wait if you know there is a problem.  Call our hotline now at 1-877-340-3602.


September 4, 2011

What are Inhalants?

Some of us have this question so let’s get it answered.  Inhalants are vapors from toxic substances what are inhaled to reach a quick high.  Our children may be doing this in our homes so it is best we know what these are.  We can look at 1000 household and other common products that could be abused as inhalants are shoe polish, glue, Toluene a colorless liquid used as a solvent and a fuel.  You will also find gasoline, lighter fluid, nitrous oxide, or “whippets,” spray paint, correction fluid, cleaning fluids, locker room deodorizers and lacquer thinner or other paint solvents.  Wow I don’t know about you but I have most of these in my home.

Most of these produce effect similar to anesthetics, which makes your body functions slower.  First you get high then you lose your inhibition.  Then you get drowsy light headed and agitated.  It should be easy to see that in our teenagers.  I know some parents get very upset when their teenager gets agitated but I wonder if they have the right education to spot their child inhaling.

The way they get high is because the chemicals are rapidly absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream and quickly reaches the brain and other organs.  Sometimes this can cause irreversible physical and mental damage.

Users inhale the chemical vapors directly from the open containers.  They breathe the fumes from rags soaked in chemicals, this is called “huffing” Some are known to spray the substance directly into the nose or mouth.  They sometimes pour it into their collar, sleeves or cuffs and then sniff them periodically.  They may do “bagging” putting the fumes inside a bag and inhale it from time to time.  This way may increase the chances of suffocation.

As a parent I honestly did not know these were methods our teenagers were getting high.  Education is the key.  Inhalant abuse is one of the most dangerous forms of drug abuse because it can create so much damage so quickly.  Call our hotline now for assistance at 1-877-340-3602.


July 20, 2011

Inhalant abuse an underground epidemic with American youth

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service, more than two million American children experiment with inhalants each and every year. And according to the Centers for Disease Control, inhalants are the second most commonly abused illegal drug amongst youngsters.

Inhalant abuse has gone under the radar, though, in terms of being a problem. Part of the reason is that parents are often unaware of the possibility of inhalants becoming a problem. It might never occur to a mother that her child might sniff glue or huff toxic chemicals. And most parents don’t know that their child could die from abusing inhalants after only one hit.

One proven solution to inhalant abuse is to simply talk with your child and go over with them all the possible consequences of inhalant abuse. Education is a strong deterrent.

The facts of the matter are that ingestion of inhalants creates headaches and muscle weakness, as well as abdominal pain and strong mood swings that can be accompanied by violent behavior. Slurred speech is not uncommon amongst inhalant abusers. Unfortunately, inhalant abuse can also cause long-term effects that include damage to the central nervous system and to the lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys.

Unless parents include inhalants in their substance abuse discussions with their child, their child is at risk of not being able to know the damage that can be caused until it is too late.

If you or someone you love needs an inhalant abuse rehab, don’t wait. Inhalant abuse can be highly damaging to both the body and the mind. Call our counselors now at 1-877-340-3602. We’ll help you work out a solution.

July 11, 2011

California parolee arrested after abusing inhalant

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Joshua Lopez, a 20 year old Glendora, California parolee, was arrested after a local reported that he was apparently “huffing” keyboard cleaner in a local park.

Huffing is a colloquial term for inhalant abuse.

Police became suspicious after Lopez gave them a false name. They were able to determine his correct name and discovered that a warrant had already been issued for his arrest as a parolee at large.

Police discovered a switchblade and some cocaine on Lopez’s person.

Inhalant abuse is one of the most damaging forms of drug abuse because the dangerous, harmful chemicals involve go directly to the brain and nervous system. Chronic inhalant abusers have lost the ability to function normally as a direct result of abusing inhalants.

If you or someone you love has been abusing inhalants, it’s important to act fast. The damage done is permanent and it can happen far too quickly.

Call us now for help at 1-877-340-3602. Inhalant abuse rehabs can be hard to find but they are the best solution.

May 1, 2011

Supermarkets Could Be Contributing to Inhalant Abuse

Youth workers in Australia pointed out on April 25th, 2011 that the giant supermarket Coles is inadvertently making it easy for local youth to obtain and abuse inhalants.

An inhalant abuse program manager reported that child protection workers have been finding empty cans of inhalants that young people have been sniffing. They tracked the cans back to Coles, where the shelves of the most commonly abused inhalants are practically empty.

The youth worker recommended that these inhalants should be placed at the front of the store, near alcohol and other controlled substances, where they can be watched more closely.

More broadly, supermarkets in general should keep this in mind in their layouts. Inhalants have become a hot item for theft as their broad-scale abuse continues to reach epidemic proportions.

Commonly abused inhalants include not only the chemicals from pressurized cans, but also such things as paint thinners, paints, and model glue.

Inhalant abuse is one of the most damaging forms of drug abuse because the toxins involved come into direct contact with the brain and nervous system almost immediately, with no mechanism in the body that effectively works as a filter. Some long-term inhalant abusers have been known to lose mental and physical control of themselves and become permanently disabled.

If you know someone who needs help at an inhalant abuse rehab, call us at 1-877-340-3602.

We have been helping families repair the ravages of inhalant abuse for years.

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